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Is Your Property Due a Flooring Revamp?


When you're letting or selling your property, it's important that it looks its best. One way you can refresh the look of any room is with new flooring. This month, our guest blog by Rivendell Carpets and Flooring looks at the benefits of giving your property a flooring revamp. 

There are endless carpet and flooring options to consider when you’re updating or renovating an investment property. But what might be suitable for one premises is unlikely appropriate for another. 

The type of investment property that you own, its location, and the types of tenants you attract are all key factors to think about. But do you really know what flooring is best suitable for the bathroom? Or perhaps hallway? Or even the kitchen?

It’s Time for New Flooring If…

When purchasing a property for rental purposes it is key to work out who is your most likely customer and present your house accordingly. Students will likely require a blank canvas, with furniture at the ready, and no doubt tough, durable flooring. On the other hand, a family will likely bring their own furniture and expect a home that is well presented, in good decorative order, and clean.

Who you tenants are and how much damage your flooring is subject too will ultimately determine the life of your carpets and floors. If you spot any of the following, we’d suggest it was time for an upgrade:

  • Stains – Are you struggling to return the floors to their former glory? Common offenders such as bleach, mud, wine, and pet stains are especially hard to eliminate once they creep through the underlay.
  • Wear and Tear – If you’ve had the same carpets for 10 years and followed strict maintenance guidelines you may be able to squeeze out some additional years. But chances are, you and your tenants haven’t.
  • Water Damage – General moisture in the air, spillages, and any accidents can cause water damage to your floors, especially to materials such as wood which are more affected by such exposure.
  • Time for a New Look – If the living room carpet looks something like your parents had in the seventies, it’s time for a change. 

What Type of Flooring Should I Go For?

That will depend on a number of factors but most importantly which room you are looking to update and the general activity which may occur.

Easy to Maintain 

A key factor for any property is ease of maintenance to ensure a prolonged product life. Whilst laminate, wood, and vinyl all boast easy to clean properties, carpet is a slightly different ball game.

So whether it is a red wine stain from yet another house warming party or dirt tread through on guest’s shoes, frequent care & maintenance can ensure vibrancy in your floors. You could encourage your tenants to ensure regular vacuuming, using the right cleaning agents, and acting quickly but ultimately their ability to prevent a stain comes down to the type of carpet you choose.

Man-made materials such as nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are a great option for high traffic areas that are likely to become damaged with stain resistant properties.

Pet Friendly Flooring

If your rental property is one that welcomes four legged friends and other pets it is essential that your flooring is appropriately accommodating.  

Whilst wood may seem like the most ideal option there are quite a few limitations when it comes to hardwood flooring and your pet. Not only do spillages need to be dealt with immediately to avoid warping under the moisture, but it is also quite slippery resulting in the increased use of claws.

We would suggest that if you want the aesthetics of a wooden floor you opt for quality laminate floor or wood effect vinyl. Offering hard wearing layers and a tough and durable finish such options are also easy to maintain. 

Practical Bathroom Flooring

If you’ve got carpet in your bathroom, its time to update immediately.

The most important factor to consider here is water and moisture whilst also bearing in mind slip resistance, ease of cleaning, and of course aesthetics. Vinyl is the most popular choice for bathroom flooring for several reasons including its water resistance and ease of installation.

You’ll also find a wide range of choice in colour and finishes to suit your décor and the needs of your tenants.

Moving In

The hallway, stairs and landing are likely to bear the brunt of house moves with a multitude of appliances and pieces of furniture being manoeuvred through these spaces.

The type of flooring you choose here will not only need to cope with these weighty and potentially damaging objects but the constant flow of traffic. A good quality and hardwearing flooring option will ensure they stay looking great for longer.

Looking to use carpet? You’ll require a heavy duty domestic option. Prefer the ethics of wood or wood effect flooring? Quality laminate is a cost effective solution providing a low maintenance and easy to clean surface. Natural wood also works well here, providing an even greater resistance against wear and tear.

Easing the Refurbishment Burden

Timings are often short between tenants so it is vital you are able to work with a flooring supplier who can supply and fit your new floors with minimum fuss and in line with specific timeframes.

Whether student accommodation or the private rental market, durable yet stylish flooring options are available; from stain resistant carpet for the living room, vinyl floors for the kitchen, or moisture impervious options for a bathroom.  

Are you looking to re-floor your property but not sure what to go for? Get in touch with Rivendell's team of flooring experts on 0117 963 7979 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation or visit


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